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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Some WWE thoughts

Jonathan Coachman: Untapped potential
I seriously believe WWE should use Jonathan Coachman in the ring more. From his limited in-ring appearances, he's actually shown some talent, though limited. I think WWE could definately use him as a mid-card heel wrestler who uses cheap and dirty tactics to win matches. They could base him on Pro-Wrestling NOAH wrestler Yoshinari Ogawa, who made a name for himself by pulling off shock wins on big name wrestlers with quick cradles and such, and that includes the ONLY pinfall victory over Kenta Kobashi in the past TWELVE MONTHS.
Coach could do the same thing and the fans will hate him for it and will really want to see him get his ass handed to him, only to be dissapointed again and again when Coach pulls the upset with a flash cradle or small package.
He already has the look and the charisma. And he's not too old to start either. It would have been really cool if they started it with this whole weekly GM story going on RAW now. The GM's think they could screw Coach, but Coach shocks them by beating the men they sent after him. Seriously, tell me you didn't see any fire in Coach this past week when he was up against Rhyno? He tried to run from Orton last week, but this week he stood his ground and actually held his own until the dumbass ref pulled him off! Maybe next week they could have him pull off that big upset win that will finally make people take him seriously?
I can honestly say that I'd like to see that happen.

RAW Battle Royal next week
I liked the way they set this up, but could't you just tell WWE are gonna screw this up next week when during the battle royal everyone will beat and eliminate everyone else EXCEPT Triple H? Especially since he's the prime target. Unless HHH changes his mind next week and accept the singles match with Orton, you can possibly expect a Spoiling The Illusion column next week!


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