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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

10 in a week

The full body count of WWE's firing last week rose to 10 this past weekend with the releases of Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli, Rodney Mack, Jazz and Rico.

Much like Palumbo, Stamboli had nothing to show for his WWE run. The only highlight of his WWE career was probably when he gorilla-pressed Rikishi.

Rodney Mack had next to no impact on RAW whatsoever. His "Back The Mack" and "Five Minute White Boy Challenge" stint was squashed by Goldberg, and never really led to anything anyway.

His wife Jazz on the other is a big loss for the Women's Division. Sure, she doesn't look or dress as good as Stacy, Trish or Victoria, but Jazz was indeed one of the best female workers in American pro-wrestling. I could definately see and hope Jazz gets a shot to go wrestle in Japan, teaming her with Amazing Kong would make for one awesome joshi gaijin tandem! Jazz would also be much more appreciated for her ringwork there then for her looks too, unlike in America.

Rico is a weird release. He had a good thing going with Charlie Haas till his injury. So WWE waits for him to heal up, then suddenly release him shortly after his return? Weird. Now there's talk of Rico being invited to work HUSTLE shows in Japan!

I wish all these guys luck where ever they may end up.


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