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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

Last night's edition of WWE RAW on ASTRO was HEAVILLY CUT. Heck, the show ended at 11.20PM. That's a full twenty minutes left on the cutting room floor.
Overall, it's also kinda interesting that WWE does seem to be listening to the fans a bit now, and rubbing it our faces even more since they started adding actual facts to their angles.

The big shill
Is it just me, or did WWE promote alot of stuff on RAW last night EXCEPT the Survivor Series PPV? Lets see, Divas Magazine 2004, Check, Portable Media Player, Check, Simon System, Check, Survivor Series, bunch of matches just thrown together. Nice.

What Simon System?
It's bad enough ASTRO cut out ALL of Simon Dean's promo videos over the past few months, now the man makes his first LIVE appearance in the ring and they cut that out too?!? Just cause he choked out some fat guy from the audience??? If they finally show him next week and recap what happened last night, alot of puzzled Malaysian's are gonna be thinking, "When did THAT happen?"

Big Monster, Glass Jaw
Didn't they do something like this with Ken Shamrock before? Totally getting squashed throughout the match by Big Vis, and suddenly it takes ONE move to finish him??? At least with Shamrock it was more believeable since he used a submission, but Shelton Benjamin's Dragon Whip has nowhere near the same effect and it was obvious when Vis immediately rolled out of the ring after to let Christian in. Dumb. Couldn't they instead have Christian cheat to help Vis win , or at least DQ'd, and get some cheap heel heat with a post match beatdown?

Quickly tying HHH for constant title wins
La Resistance are the tag team champions AGAIN. AND WHO THE HELL CARES?!?!? SERIOUSLY! THERE ARE OTHER TAG TEAMS ON RAW! WHY CAN'T YOU IDIOT WWE BOOKERS GIVE IT TO ONE OF THEM?!?!? And they wonder why people say the WWE tag leagues are dying.

I would have stiffed him on purpose if I was there
So Triple H is asking everyone if it was a good idea for everyone to beat him up last week? This from the guy who instigates more gang attack beat downs then anyone else in recent memory? And in protest he decides to take the night off? Yeah, whatever. His claims that his name puts asses in the seats? Then why are house show attendances down when his name is advertised for the show? If he really did walk out on RAW, does he really think the fans OR the rest of the RAW roster would care? Here's a guy who makes his living by making others miserable, and he thinks if he's not around, people are actually gonna miss him???
If I were one of the guys on RAW last week that punked him out in the closing moments of RAW, I would have deliberately stiffed him and claimed it was an accident later.


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