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Thursday, November 04, 2004

More WWE Firings!

Just found out this afternoon that along with Billy Gunn, A-Train and Test, Chuck Palumbo, Nidia and Gail Kim have also been released from their WWE contracts!
I'm not gonna miss Chuck since he hasn't really done anything important as of late. His tandem with Billy Gunn was fun, but that was it. His run in that joke of an FBI faction did nothing for him after, and he was lucky to even get his face on RAW after the roster trade.
But I am wondering about Nidia and Gail Kim being released, especially after the boob jobs WWE gave them. Seriously, Nidia may have been green, but I think the potential was there.
Gail on the other just came out of nowhere. Here's a chick that looked good and could WORK a match. And as far as I could tell, her feuds with Victoria and Trish Stratus were never resolved. I'm guessing the run in spot on RAW where she helped Trish against Lita was her last official duty for WWE.
God I hope they aren't thinking of using Christy or Carmella or ANY of the Diva Search contestants as replacements. Then again, if they didn't give $250,000 to a non-wrestler in a bogus reality show/stunt, they probably could have afforded to keep all six of the fired wrestlers around a bit longer!


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