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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

WWE Firings and Hirings

WWE released three long time names have from the roster on Monday: Test, A-Train and Billy Gunn.
In my opinion, these are three guys that WWE gave big pushes too in the past, but yanked the carpet out from under them. The highligh of Test's WWE run was definately his Grenich Street Fight with Shane McMahon at Summer Slam several years back. Since then, he was basically left at the back for most part.
In what could have been a main event level feud with Triple H when HHH ruined his 'wedding' to Stephanie McMahon, was turned into nothing more than a one match loss to kill the feud so HHH could go on his powertrip. Heck, instead of Test getting the big PPV match with HHH, VINCE MCMAHON himself had the match. Dumb. To me that was when Test's career was over with. He had a good run with A-Train in the T&A tag team, but never got the tag titles to go with the monster push they received either. The final push he received was the "Testicles" gimmick with Stacy Kiebler, which resulted in a heel turn to kill the one gimmick seemed to be helping to get him over.
A-Train's pushed died in 2002 when his IC title run was scrapped when they started the Invasion angle. Not long after his big win against Kane for the title, he loses it to Lance Storm and that's it. The only highlights he had after that was as Brock Lesner's punching bag.
Billy Gunn is a LONG story. He never made it as a singles wrestler, cause like Test, his main event feud was yanked out from under him. When was that you asked? Back when he won the King Of The Ring. He had his first big PPV singles match with The Rock, but instead of giving him the big win, he was almost SQUASHED by Rocky. The big win there and the continuation of somekind of feud with the Great One would probably have resulted in a better position for the Ass-Man today. But at least his star shined brightest in the tag leagues where he's held the tag titles a record number of times with multiple partners.
Right now TNA are probably thinking, "Why didn't they release these guys earlier so we could get them onto Victory Road???"

Remember back to 1991 when the US was at war with Iraq over Kuwait and the then WWF decided to change Sgt. Slaughter into an Iraqi supporter together with two Iraqi cronies (General Adnan & Col. Mustapha aka Iron Sheik) just to get cheap heat going into WrestleMania VII?
Well, WWE now seemed to be going back to the well again, and I'm not talking about La Resistance, who the fans just don't give a damn about whether they are tag champs or not. Instead, they hired indy workers Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari, two American born Iraqis who have been using the gimmick recently on the indy scene. The epitome of cheap heat right here folks.
So much for WWE's policy again about not using real life events to effect their product.


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