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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mike Awesome passes away

Former ECW world champion Mike Awesome (real name Mike Alfonso) was found dead in his home on Saturday. He was 41.
Awesome was an amazingly agile man for his size, and made a name for himself in FMW in Japan as The Gladiator, in a feud with Masato Tanaka that was carried over to the US when both men worked for ECW, putting on some of the most memorable extreme matches ever. The feud even continued in 2005 when Awesome faced Tanaka in the match of the night at the ECW One Night Stand reunion PPV.
Awesome will definitely be remembered by hardcore fans for his time in ECW and FMW, since his run in WCW and WWE did more to damage his credibility than add to his legend.

Rest in Peace, Gladiator. You will be missed.

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