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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

WWE New Year's Revolution 1/08/06 Results

WWE IC Title: Edge VS Ric Flair
Wow, when the match gets good five minutes in, Edge gets himself disqualified. So much for him bragging about winning the IC title, but hey, he still has the money in the bank contract valid for 2 more months.
Match Rating: ¼*

Wow, again. WWE trying to use reverse psychology to get the fans to boo Kurt Angle by straight out saying the fans will cheer him despite what he says about bashing the US or whatever.

WWE Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus VS Mickie James
Damn! This was probably the stiffest women’s match I’ve seen in a while! This was a really good match that saw Mickie evolve from being all happy happy to all serious. I liked the psychology of the match and the story it told, plus it was just plain fun.
Match Rating: ***

Maria interviews herself before Gregory Helms interrupts. As he leaves, we see Shelton arriving at the arena with his momma. Why? It’s not like he has a match tonight, right?

Jerry “The King” Lawler VS Gregory Helms
I just noticed Helms looks like Simon Diamond.
They wrestled a good old school match since Lawler really can’t do more than punch, but what the hell was the point of Helms doing the job?!? They even gave this more time than Edge/Flair, that’s probably because Edge still isn’t 100%.
Match Rating: ½*

Trish arrives at WWE Instant Access just as Lita is leaving and the two give each other the evil eye before Mickie James interrupts all cheery again.
In a really hilarious segment, Big Vis runs into Shelton’s momma backstage and tries to hit on her. Looks like Benjamin has a match later tonight. And I thought the Love Machine push was over.

Triple H VS Big Show
You can say what you want about Show’s ability, but he really knows how to sell an injury! I really liked the psychology of this one where Show had to fight with one hand, and remembered to sell the pain in it too, though he could have done a better job when H smashed it with a chair. Really entertaining, save for the old “ref bump so you could use a weapon” finish. The fans were cheering for both of them though, even if you clearly hear some boos for Show.
Match Rating: ***

Carlito & Chris Masters backstage planning on working together so that one new blood wins the WWE title in the Elimination Chamber.
Royal Rumble promo. Funny stuff with Shanus stabbing Vince Caesar at the end. We can all hope can’t we?!?

Shelton Benjamin & his momma come out and Momma Benjamin calls out Big Vis to take an ass-whooping from Shelton. This should be fun.

Shelton Benjamin VS Viscera
I actually think Vis has lost some weight.
I was also rather distracted by Momma Benjamin at ring side, but actually reminds me of those old-school managers from the past. We could use more of those these days. I think the crowd was silent cause they were listening to what Momma was screaming!
I thought this match was actually rather entertaining too. Your classic big man/little man contest. I don’t know if the big momma gimmick will get Benjamin over, actually is rather funny.
Match Rating: *

Vince confronts HBK in his locker room and wishes him luck, reminding him that the first man into the chamber has never won it. HBK runs down the list how he was the first in a lot of big gimmick matches and went on to win them. Vince says Hell would freeze if HBK managed to pull it off.

Bra & Panties Gauntlet Match
Match#1: Maria VS Candace Michelle

So with the whole premise of the match being to strip your opponent, Candace comes out wearing barely anything?
Match#2: Maria VS Torrie Wilson
I hate to say it, but Maria looked better in the ring than Torrie! This girl could actually be improving. Torrie hit a pretty sloppy handspring elbow and ended up losing to Maria.
Match#3: Maria VS Victoria
Victoria roughs up Maria, before eliminating her, but again, I’m quite impressed with Maria.
Match#4: Victoria VS MOOLAH & MAE YOUNG!
Match#5: Victoria VS Ashley
Ashley escapes the Widows Peak and pulls down Victoria’s pants (like it says in her theme song) and wins the match!
Match Rating: Like Joey Styles said, not a mat classic, but will be in our DVD collections.

Shelton Benjamin and his momma backstage interviewed at WWE Instant Access, and it turns out Momma Benjamin had a brick in her bag when she whacked Vis in the head with it! Benjamin don’t look happy.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match:
Kane VS Chris Masters VS Carlito VS Kurt Angle VS John Cena VS Shawn Michaels

We had qualifying matches on RAW to see who would enter when into the Chamber, and the commentary team still have to ask who is coming out next when the timer is up?
I seriously have no idea what it’s going to take to get the crowd to cheer Cena as the fans were even cheering for Carlito when he was beating on the champ. Heck, the fans actually cheered Masters for saving Carlito from the ankle lock!
HBK does his mandatory blade job after getting launched into the cage by Angle, but comes back later to eliminate Angle with Sweet Chin Music while Angle had Cena in the ankle lock! Hate to say it, but I was shocked Angle was first one out after being just a total monster in there.
Kane is next eliminated, but in a pretty lame manner by Chris Masters dropping Carlito on him with a gorilla press, than piling on top of him.
HBK is next eliminated after hitting Cena with Sweet Chin Music, but gets double teamed by Carlito & Masters, leading to Carlito hitting the corkscrew neckbreaker for the pin.
Masters & Carlito double team Cena, leading to Masters locking on the Masterlock, but Carlito double-crosses him and hits a low blow followed by a roll-up to eliminate Masters!
But Cena immediately rolls up Carlito to win the match!
Match Rating: ****

Vince McMahon comes out and announces Edge is cashing in his Money in the Bank contract! The match is NOW!

WWE Title: John Cena VS Edge
Edge makes short work of a bloody Cena, beating him down, than hitting two spears to win the title! The fans go nuts as they’d cheer anyone who beats Cena anyway!
Match Rating: *

Overall: Ok, to some, this might not have been a must see PPV, but it definitely had some good moments to it. Main story obviously being the very ECW like surprise at the end of the PPV. Will be interesting to see how they follow up this on RAW tomorrow. Maybe it would have been better if HBK won the Chamber match, then Edge beat him for the title? Cause now Cena will carry the badge of “First Man Into The Chamber Winning It”.



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