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Monday, June 04, 2007

K-1 DYNAMITE!!! USA results

I missed the first half-hour of the show, but this was a very LONG show going almost 5 hours!

"Dynamite!! USA"
Saturday, June 2, 2007
Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, California

Preliminary Bouts:
1. Lightweight: J.Z. Calvan def. Nam Phan via TKO - R1
2. Lightweight: Katsuhiko Nagata def. Isiah Hall via split decision - 3 rounds

Showtime Bouts: (9pm ET)
3. Heavyweight: Jonathan Wiezorek def. Tim Persey via TKO - R2
4. Welterweight: Jake Shields def. Ido Pariente via submission (rear naked choke) - R2

Pay-Per-View Bouts: (10pm ET)
5. Heavyweight: Bernard Ackah def. Johnnie Morton via KO - 0:38 of R1
- Give ex-NFL player Morton credit for being aggressive, but his lack of experience resulted in him walking into a big right hand the turned his lights out in a flash. KO of the night right here.

6. Super-Heavyweight: Mighty Mo def. Ruben Villareal via TKO (strikes) - 1:33 R1

7. 195 lbs: Dong Sik Yoon def. Melvin Manhoef via submission (armbar) - R2
- This fight gets my vote for fight of the night, and the ending submission was sweet! Yoon wins his first MMA fight and it was well deserved notworthy.gif

8. Lightweight: Hideo Tokoro def. Brad Pickett via submission (armbar) - 2:41 R1

9. 190 lbs: Royce Gracie def. Kazushi Sakuraba via unanimous decision
- You'd think the fans would know what they were getting into when they cheered for Gracie and Sakuraba the way they did during their intros, instead, when the fight begins the crowd starts booing them for lack of explosive action! If you've EVER watched a Royce Gracie fight, you'll know he's one of the great ring masters of the game and will always take his time to move things to his advantage, and Sakuraba is also a mostly defensive fighter who does his work on the mat and not with his fists.
The only time the fans did have a right to boo was when Sakuraba just seemed to lose all interest in the fight and was just waiting it out the clock to get it over with, even Royce was noticeably agitated by Sakuraba's lack of fighting spirit, and it was good that Royce redeemed his family's honor for the loss to Sakuraba from 6 years earlier in the 90-minute classic, but this match should have been given 5 rounds since 3 was way too short.

10. Heavyweight: Brock Lesnar def. Kim Min-Soo via submission (strikes) - 1:09 R1
- I knew Kim Min-Soo doesn't have the best win-loss record in MMA, but I didn't think he'd actually be this bad that he wouldn't have the experience to do better against a first time fighter like Brock! Brock exploded with a double leg takedown and easily made his way to the high mount position to start throwing strikes, which forced Kim to tap out. Either Brock really does have hard punching power, or Kim just can't take a punch.


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