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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WWE Judgment Day 5/20/2007

A thumbs down PPV effort.
- Bobby Lashley beat Vince, Shane and Umaga in about ONE MINUTE, but Vince declared he is still ECW champion since Lashley didn't pin HIM.
- Randy Orton attacked Shawn Michaels earlier in the night and gave him a concussion. Shawn was in no condition to wrestle, but did so anyway until he collapsed and the referee stopped the match.
- John Cena was able to make Khali tap out to the STFU after he dropkicked the steel ring steps into Khali's knee. However, Khali's other foot was under the ropes and even tapped it a few times but the referee didn't notice.

1. Ric Flair beat Carlito with the Figure-Four Leglock.
2. ECW World Championship - 3-on-1 Handicap Match: Lashley beat Vince McMahon [C], 3. Shane McMahon & Umaga when he pinned Shane with powerslam.
4. CM Punk beat Elijah Burke with the Go2Sleep.
5. Randy Orton beat Shawn Michaels by Referee Stop.
6. World Tag Team Titles: The Hardys [C] beat Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch to retain when Jeff pinned Cade after hitting the Swanton Bomb.
7. World Heavyweight Championship: Edge [C] pinned Batista with a roll-up to retain.
8. WWE United States Championship - 2/3 Falls: MVP beat Chris Benoit [C] to win the title.
- MVP beat Benoit with the Playmaker.
- MVP pinned Benoit with an inside cradle.
9. WWE Championship: John Cena [C] beat the Great Khali with the STFU to retain.


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