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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TNA Final Resolution PPV results

So I thought I didn’t make my order in time for the PPV, and after reading the spoilers all over the place, I finally get the PPV, 8 HOURS after placing my order for the show. One of my new year resolutions was to watch PPVs spoiler free, and so far I’m 0 for 2. On to the show!

The Pre-show
Team Canada (Petey Williams, A-1 & Eric Young) VS Lance Hoyt, Kenny King & Jay Lethal

Definitely not enough of Jay Lethal in the match, and pretty obvious they don’t have much future plans for him since he dropped the fall over a King, who I’ve never even heard of before but was given the most time of his team. Not a whole lot to this one.
Match Rating: ½*

The Latin American Exchange (Homicide & Konnan) VS The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)
So the LAX supposedly triggered somekind of feud with BG & Kip James (They even had a big promo video for it before the PPV started as part of the PPV push), yet their on the pre-show instead of actually being on the PPV? Homicide is also known as one of the stiffest workers in ROH, but he looked like a putz here. I’m all for pushing the home talent, but they still need to give the others some spotlight as well. Another ho-hum match.
Match Rating: ½*

Roderick Strong, Austin Aries & Alex Shelley VS Matt Bentley, Sonjay Dutt & Chris Sabin

Seeing Tracy makes me happy.
Both Shelley & Sabin have matching hair styles, you’d think they should be teaming together! I like Austin Aries. He has the look and attitude of a monster, if only he wasn’t a cruiserweight. I also like seeing Tracy bounce.
I just noticed Shelley bares a striking resemblance to Hiroshi Tanahashi with his new look, and what a coincidence, he scored the win with a flash cradle, the same way Tanahashi made his claim to fame in NJPW. Big things coming his way for this kid!
Seriously, I hate it when they ruin a hot match with a cheap finish, even if it does continue any kind of feud.
At least we got to see Tracy bounce around in a tight top and a short skirt.
Match Rating: **

Diamonds in the Rough (Elix Skipper & David Young) VS The James Gang (BG James & Kip James)
So this is the first time the two James’ are teaming together? Guess all those 6-8 man tags don’t count. Anybody remember the principle from the Ranma ½ anime series who had a coconut tree on his head? Kip James has one now!
Again, if the James’ are so angry at LAX for putting out Bob Armstrong, why isn’t that match on the PPV instead of filler like this? It does nothing for them anyways since they beat 2 guys that they had a big size advantage over.
Match Rating: 1/2*

Hiroshi Tanahashi VS AJ Styles
HAH! I KNEW IT! TANAHASHI BROUGHT HIS U-30 BELT WITH HIM! Mike Tenay mentioned he held the title for 7 months already. What he didn’t mention is that in that time he’s done NOTHING with the title.
But I’ll be damned if these two didn’t put on the best match of the PPV right here. Why can’t Tanahashi work like this more in NJPW? Or maybe it was the environment here. They did miss a spot or two, but manage to cover up for them nicely. I actually think Tanahashi got a raw deal from the referee when the ref wouldn’t count his pinfall cause his knee was on AJ’s neck.
Despite the screw job finish, I still think NJPW got the short end of the stick on this as this is the 2nd big name they sent to TNA to job out. This was still a really strong match though, and definitely one you need to look out for.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Raven VS Sean Waltman – Raven wins, he gets a World Title shot, Raven loses, and he’s out of TNA.
Your standard Raven garbage match with all the violence you’d come to expect, and some fun spots with the shopping cart. I still don’t get why they would bring in Waltman of all people to get the win on Raven to put him out. Couldn’t they get Perry Saturn or Mike Awesome, who both have more of a direct link to Raven like all the other opponents they set up before this?
Match Rating: *1/2

Bobby Roode VS Ron “The Truth” Killings
This match gets on the PPV because Killings scored 2 flash pinfalls on Roode before Roode whacked him with a hockey stick, but LAX putting Bob Armstrong in the hospital doesn’t warrant get them on the PPV against the James Gang?
This was ok, but I would have preferred if they kept it short like in the build up video of it. Killings is so underutilized. The ending was lame and I hate the ongoing build up for the LAX/James Gang feud. They could have just had a quick match on the PPV with LAX getting a screw job win, cause that’s pretty much how things have been going all night so far.
Match Rating: ½*

Abyss VS Rhino
This was a good physical big man match! I like that Rhino added the TKO to his arsenal as it gives him something to rely on other than the Gore. Abyss has done so much in TNA already. Why not give him the NWA Title already?!? Anyone willing to take all the sick chair shot to the head here like what Rhino gave him more than deserves it.
Match Rating: **

NWA World Tag Team Titles: Team 3D VS America’s Most Wanted
Both teams worked really hard here, but man was that one hell of a screw job finish even if it was kinda original. Guess they’ll borrow a page from the WWE playbook where everyone BUT the referee saw what happened despite the fact the whole thing was taped and the referee could have seen a replay. I’m surprised Jarrett didn’t save that finish for one of his title matches.
Match Rating: *1/2

TNA X-Division Title: “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels VS Samoa Joe
Did I miss the part where they said this was a No DQ match? The referee was “intimidated” by Joe to the point he wouldn’t disqualify him for dropping Daniels on a steel chair that Joe tossed into the ring right in front of the referee? I guess right now it’s pretty obvious they want their golden boy AJ Styles to be the man that breaks Joe’s unbeaten streak. I thought it sort of took away from what was turning into a really good match, which now basically tells the story that Daniels came back too soon to face Joe.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Monty Brown & Jeff Jarrett VS Christian Cage & Sting
This was ok, but ended up like every other overbooked main event finish involving Jeff Jarrett. At least Sting showed he’s still in fighting shape.
Match Rating: *1/2

Overall: Sure the matches had good work behind them, but what’s with all the screw job finishes? Can’t anyone win a clean match instead of having somekind of over the top finish or run in?



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