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Friday, July 22, 2005

Lord Alfred Hayes passes away

SLAM! Wrestling is reporting that former WWF/E announcer and manager Lord Alfred Hayes has passed away at the age of 77. He had been battling health problems for a number of years now after leaving WWE in 1995.

For those too young to remember, he would usually co-host WWE TV shows like WWF Wrestling Challenge along with Gorilla Monsoon or Bobby Heenan. He would also do the Update reports on WWF shows as well as the occasional comedy skit with Bobby Heenan for Coloseum Video WWF releases. One thing not many people may know about Lord Alfred was that he was the guy that discovered Andre the Giant while on a wrestling trip and brought him back to America where Andre became one of the biggest (literally) stars of pro-wrestling ever.

Despite being one of the biggest heel wrestlers/managers of the '50-'70s, Alfred became very humble when he became a commentator for WWF/E. He worked well with Monsoon and Heenan and I can still remember how excited he was when the British Bulldog won the Battle Royal at Albert Hall back in early '90s.

Rest in Peace,
Lord Alfred Hayes
1928 - 2005



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